Chris Oflyng, Finding His Rails

Anyone who spends enough time on youtube or too much time in my case has ran across the curly haired Chris Oflyng.  He has been youtubing for a while and used it back in the day to help spring himself out of a pretty bad depression like those suffered by a not small part of the humans that infest our world.  "Infest" is not the right word but it's staying because I am trying to stay on point here.  

Today Chris posted a video explaining how he feels terrible about the way he was using sexuality and insincerity to get as many views on his videos as he possibly could.  You should watch the video so here it is.  I'll entertain myself while you watch it.

So now that you watched it and dried your eyes so you can continue to read this I have a couple thoughts.  The first is no matter what "sexy marketing" he used the fun awkward kid we all love was still shining through even through videos and subjects he now regrets.  No matter how fake he was being his real self was not hidden from us.  Secondly there is someone he mentions using a "you know who you are" identifier that he hurt through the bout of video crazyness.  To Chris I can only say that people in their teens and twenties end up treating each other like crap sometimes and not that that's an excuse for whatever it is that happened but is an explanation of maybe why it happened.  Thirdly for those at home who are counting everyone looses control of their life at times.  The trick is to recognize it and reel it back in and find ways to fix it.

You were not being truthful and sincere to your fans but i don't think that they were fooled by it.  After reading the lovefest in the comment section of this video anyone can see they know and love the real you and like I said before you shine through no matter what stupid crap you were doing in the videos you regret.

Chris did something most people in social media would not have done.  He left the videos up for ALL to see.  They are each now labeled as videos he regrets making and are there for all to see instead of making them disappear like so many famous people do when they post something they regret.  He is saying "these are my mistakes and i am learning from them!"  As far as I'm concerned that makes him a great roll model for so many people out there teen and adults alike.

I think he's afraid that people won't watch him without the "sexy" gimmick and that's flat out wrong.  There are so many youtubers out there doing goofy stuff like Sam King's bath vlog titled "getting naked for views" which it turns out is him vlogging from his bathtub but it's the most unsexy but cute vlog he's done in a while.  Yes, it's gimmicky, but a few minutes into it you are just being entertained by the goofiness that is Sam.

So, Chris, you have nothing to fear except fear itself ... or maybe getting hit by a bus while playing in traffic ... or coming in contact with ANY animal in Australia because they are all venomous and trying to kill you.

So being off your rails got out of control but being inside your rails doesn't work for you either.  So let's compromise and find the middle ground.  Chris Oflyng: "one hand touching his rails" .... CRAP!  That sounds too sexual too .... :/